Beth Collins

By way of introduction to Beth born in Ruddington 1992, educated in Hucknell and Nottingham, with A levels in Photography and History of Art. In 2011 beth took part in a young curators show called 'Stripped' at Nottingham Castle.

Beth explained;-

" My project is called Armour. It's originally inspired by the Slutwalks that happen in Canada. I strongly believe that women should be able make themselves as physically sexy as possible without fear of assault or rape. Metal has been my chosen material as it's physically strong and has a beautiful reflective quality to it. I then obviously came across Elizabeth's work. It's appearance of metal but still being made from fabric. I love the idea of delicate personal objects being hard and becoming defensive. So my project opened up into lingerie. I've had so much fun with it!
 I think my passion for lingerie started when I worked at La Senza. I'm now about to finish my Foundation course at Vision West Notts and hoping to go to University next year to do Lingerie Design. Meanwhile, I'm hoping to take a short course at Nottingham Trent on vintage lingerie pattern cutting starting in January 2013. "

The images are by Beth, the model is her close friend Lauren Priestley

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