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Tuesday 18th Sep 2012

I was lucky to be invited to attend a small network / gathering at the Buxton Opera House to listen to a talk given by Olivier of Peak Honey

This is a man passionate about bees & honey and pleasure to listen to - the venue - on the stage at the Opera House was intimate and provided an opportunity to get a real feeling of the house - I have new found respect for those who stand on the stage only a few feet from the critics and fans alike !

The honey tasting after the talk was a real treat, but for me the sampling of honey comb fresh cut and dribbling honey was a true delight. At £5 for a 1lb jar of moorlands honey the product is hard pressed to compete with the imported pasteurized and refined product on most of teh supermarket shelves - but then shouldn't we all be buying local honey now  and helping support this ancient craft and in doing so promoting the benefits of the bee in our environment ? I know I will from now on.

If you get the chance to attend a presentation by Olivier, or better still see him at the farmers market at the Pavilion Gardens - have a chat  and buy the honey a real taste of the Peak District.

Mathew Look

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