Coming Soon Rebecca Clitheroe - Pet Portraits

Thursday 13th Sep 2012

We have a new member to welcome to our number. Rebecca Clitheroe.

Having spent a day producing a time lapse sequence to compress 6 hrs of drawing into a little over a minute of an mpeg movie, it was impressive to watch the creation emerge from the page as the details, colour and tone were added by Beccy. We have agreed to produce a second time lapse sequence as Beccy completes a second image for her page on Peak District Creations.  We will add further details to the page and images of previous work from Beccy, so please do come back and take a look in a few weeks. 
If you would like a truly personal gift for a loved one this Christmas get in touch soon as Beccy has limited time for producing such works.

You can see the Youtube sequnce here

Please use the contact form if you would like to contact Beccy

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