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Thursday 12th Jul 2012

Coconut-Blush-Stand Look Creations Logo

For those who read these news items and have done for some time, you may recall that Peak District Creations achieved registered status for the Peak District Environmental Quality Mark along with Look Creations,  and following this we made a committment to help promote products and services from fellow EQm holders. 

Today we had the chance to develop a new line of products with fellow EQM holder Jane Malcolm of Coconut Blush   I can't disclose at this time what the product is - but its not rocket science to work out if its from Look Creations its mostly likely wood and if its from Janes hands its great soap !  It should have a wide appeal toward the end of the year and we hope to develop a rangeof goods for sale through fellow EQM holders looking to additional income streams ... keep reading the news to pick up on the offers.

If you have an idea for a new product to develop with fellow EQM holders - drop me a line and I'm sure we can help.

Mathew Look

Peak District Creations

Image is of Jane at her regular stall at the Buxton Pavillion Gardens Saturday Bazaar.

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