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Monday 18th Jun 2012


On June 16th 2012 Peak District Creations Turned 1 year Old

For those that like some numbers, here are the headlines

10,031 Visits - of which 7,680 were UK based out of the 112 countries reached.

32,400 + page views: the site now has 751 pages !

3 in 4 visitors are new to the site


Most visited creators pages - always a bit of a battle for top position, but here are the top five.

1st Position with 767 page views {admittedly it has its own Youtube Channel, Web Domain & Twitter Account :-) }. http://www.peakdistrictcreations.co.uk/members/look-creations/the-fan-c-recycled-stove-top-fan/ and has taken orders from Canada, France & UK following its launch in March 2012.

2nd Position from "For Goodness Cake" and with 432 views http://www.peakdistrictcreations.co.uk/members/for-goodness-cake/occassion-cakes/   Now I know Sue Bowker will be wishing she had put out a few more of her muffins with the website address on - I can a see a Muffin Youtube Channel being set up to reclaim top spot ! :-)

3rd Position its Rob Wilson Art with 360 views  http://www.peakdistrictcreations.co.uk/members/rob-wilson-art/

4th is Linda Moss with her Felted creations  322 views http://www.peakdistrictcreations.co.uk/members/sheep-to-chic/

5th is Rachel Evans with  261 views http://www.peakdistrictcreations.co.uk/members/wheatcroftwillow/


And now - 2012/13

What is planned for 2012/13 - well more on that in the comming weeks, we have some planned expansions for completely new sections within our Website, the addition of more embeded videos and we are looking for some fresh creative work to help support and promote. If you would like to know more about us or to discuss a subscription, please drop us an email with the contact form we are always open to new ideas and ways to help Peak District Creative work and we look forward to hearing from you.


Mathew Look

Look Creations

Peak District Creations


I'm off to blow out a candle and to eat a chocolate brownie !


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