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Monday 14th May 2012


The Stove Top Fan-Ce Blog Spot

For those interested in following the development of an idea through to a prototype, small batch sales version to hopefully larger scale production product with sales - take a look at the blog here

I plan to update the blog as the project progresses, from its origin as a DIY Stove Top Fan prototype to a small batch production model.  Please feel free to subscribe, comment with some tips / ideas for the product launch, marketing etc - in fact anything you feel you could contribute, especialy if you would like to buy or sell the product ! If you can't use one yourself or have a friend that might be interested - I am still interested in your views and ideas for its development.

Find the Facebook Page and 'Like' it -  see if you can help take a little product idea to a wider market base. All support will be recognised in the Blog and where possible returned in kind.

Here is the Product The Stove Top Fan-Ce

I look forward to your comments on the blog.

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