Peak District Creations Website Update

Sunday 12th Feb 2012


It's wet and cold and I'm full of cold ... could be worse.

I thought  it was about time to review the website performance with Google Analytics and so here we go -

The Google Stats for the website show 23,000+ page views generated by 6500+ visits since we set off late June 2011.  Approx' 60% are new visits generated through searches on the web. With c. 25% referrals and the balance direct. Or if you look at it another way, 25% of visitors are returning and 75% are new first time visits.

In excess of 5000  visitors were UK based and of these 50% looked through an average of 4 pages of creations etc. The site has been accessed by 102 different countries and it is getting hard to stop new countries popping up each month ! The site averages now 1200 visits / month which is 200 up on the previous years average.

Creators have taken orders from as far away as Canada (for Cup Cakes none the less !), France (Recycled Stove Top Fan !)  with plenty of UK based order / enquiries, which given the general doom and gloom on the media is signs that internet selling / exposure pays off unlike phone hacking ......

From a personal view point, the website continues to grow and support my creative work and business and that of the client creators - I hope to welcome new creators onto the website throughout 2012 and look forward to a general improvement in the economic climate and trading conditions. 2012 offers some exciting prospects on a national basis - our challenge to to seek out the opportunities and make best of those that we find.

Best of luck to all reading this.

Mathew Look

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