6 Months Old Today !

Friday 16th Dec 2011

Santa Cake


 Launched June 16th 2011 turns 6 months old today.  Every month has seen growth in both Creator Subscribers and visitor numbers. For those of you that like the hard facts - read on:-

Page Views c 18,000

Unique Visitors 3370  of which 1 in every 3 returns for another look at least twice !  and for in excess of a minute. - How long do you stay on a webpage when 'browsing'.

1 in every 5 visits comes direct to the website and the balance reach via a combination of social media links, other website referrals or organic search engines.

So whats popular ? After the main site Landing Home Page & Search Members Page.

No. 1 the News Feed -  471 hits

No. 2 - top of the list for Creator Pages goes to  'For Goodness Cake' with 430 hits on her Occasions Cakes page

No. 3 -  'Look Creations' Creator Page with 423 visits,

No, 4 - For Goodness Cake  (again) for the Creator Page at 395 visits.

No.5 Rob Wilsons pages continue to prove popular as do those of Linda Moss & her Sheep to Chic pages. with over 300 visits each

The Creator Locator Pages having been launched in the last few weeks, has had in excess of 270 hits - which for the minimal cost of getting a pin on the map (£10) for non subscribers has to be a bargain.

I plan to add a testimonials / feedback form for any visitors wishing to leave comments etc. It may also prove useful for Creators to leave their view on what the site has provided them and what they have doen. do to help boost their traffic. For example, having handed out now in excess of 1000 business cards for the website and added email footers including the link the site has continued to grow with direct hits. For Goodness Cake includes the website address on every box of cupcakes sold - trust me thats a lot of cupcakes !

I will announce the winner of the November News Feed competition next week when I have added up all the page views to determine the winner - at first glance it looks like a close finish.

Just thought you'd like to know !


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