Knitting Bowls

Thursday 8th Dec 2011


Following a number of requests for these bowls I have included them in my range of products, alongside the 10mm diameter hardwood knitting needles.

The bowls are made to order from available hardwoods sourced locally.  Each Knitting Bowl is crafted in such a way that the rounded base is balanced to ensure that whilst the bowl can rock and sway it always presents the wool ball upwards. the swaying motion created as the yarn is pulled out adds interest to the casual observer ! The size varies depending on requirements typically 6 to 8"  diameter with a 3 to 4 inch opening.

A range of quality hardwood knitting needles are to be developed with the aid of Linda Moss from Sheep to Chic to provide a knitting pack of her local wool and patterns with unique handmade Needles and Bowls from Look Creations both Peak District Environmental Quality Mark Holders.

Knitting Bowls

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Mathew Look

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