Creator of the Day - "Doug Wild" -

Friday 25th Nov 2011

ham shank roast boar

Doug Wild is a new travelling restaurant specialising in wild food and traditional country recipes.

All of our food is foraged locally or supplied by local farmers and growers. Many of the vegetables, fruits, roots and leaves you will pass day after day but will rarely if ever have eaten.

We are currently looking for a venue within 10 miles of New Mills. A club, pub, church or schools hall even a scout hut would be ideal. If you have a reasonable kitchen and would allow us to host a wild food evening please contact

The evening will consist of a 3 course menu with options of 5 starters, 5 mains and 5 dessert and tickets in advance £25. We will also have a full range of our sauces, jams, preserves and recipes for sale.

If you are hosting a conference or exhibition we will gladly provide a buffets that either you pay for or the guests by from us by the plate. W are happy to provide outside catering and home or workplace preparation and service. We also supply dishes for home delivery either ready to eat or cook and eat later. All the cook later meals are fully prepared and ready simply to heat and eat. If you are planning a special dinner party or just want to impress someone. We will come to you in your own home prepare and cook the food and serve as if you were in your very own restaurant. You can even choose your own menu.

We can also prepare and serve food in the open air. So for that extra special proposal dinner, you choose the place and we’ll be there to make your evening perfect,.

Using only fresh local ingredients and wild food not often seen on restaurant menus we can assure you a meal to remember.

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