Todays Guest Creator : Kathryn Fruish

Saturday 19th Nov 2011

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"Where I live in Old Glossop in the Peak district is a wonderfully inspiring place. I collect Derbyshire river stones from various banks near my home, they must be smooth and stand up unaided, unusual shapes are also very welcome. I wash, lightly sand and then hand paint them with 'woodland doors for attracting fairies', these are doors, dwellings and shops cafes and pubs for the wee folk. All are inspired and named after the nearby British wild flowers depicted. There is madame cowslips cake shop where the wee folk get their fairie cakes, the star of Bethlehe inn where they go for a wee dram, and cottages such as chamoile cottage where they live. They are very popular at the local produce market, my intention is to invite people to invite magic into their lives.

Images shown

Perriwinkle post office

The Star of Bethlehem Inn

Lily of the valley house

Kathryn also makes 'Silver Spiral Jewellery '  - Unique handmade silver jewellery - we hop eto bring you more details in due course.

contact  - 01457 864359, mobile 07950653077.

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