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Wednesday 16th Nov 2011


By means of a break from the workshop, today was a day out in the Peak District.

The 'dramatic sunrise' image ...well let us say that the fog was on hand - just a little too thick at 7 am.   After several cups of tea and the arrival of my two friends, we set off to Grindleford Station Cafe to await our final member of the team Andy Astbury of Wildlife in Pixels. The overcast and foggy / misty conditions lent themselves to Padley stream as our destination - it is a great place to have some fun being creative with photography. Even better for a quiet walk through some old Oak wondlands.  As usual, the Station Cafe was busy and the fire was welcome, more tea & possibly the best Bacon Butty in the Peak District, we set off up the path to see what we could come up with.  I love the opportunity to play with differing exposures, compositions and the various bits of kit which I have obtained over the years, carrying it over the slick rocks and muddy banks is offcourse a downside !

The image here is from a period I spent watching and trying to capture the movement of the water - without including the various colourful elements of oak leaves, mossy rocks and peat stained water as distractions  - possibly not what some would choose and I may never print it out, in many ways that is why I like my photography... it is mine and allows me to explore ideas without worrying about potential sales or use.  If I do not like the image - I simply delete it and take another.  

After the last weekends busy 2 days at the Devonshire Dome care of The Weekend Shopping Company and the catch up Monday & Tuesday - the walk, noise of the stream and banter with the 'boys' was just what I needed.

I returned home mid afternoon, more tea and chat, then on to the PC to see what I had managed to capture.

Meanwhile, Tracy Brooomhead at the Live and Work Rural Team (Peak District National Park) has been kind enough to send out details of the November Competition for the website. Have a look back through the News Items for details - best news Item wins a subscription worth £100. Put yourself on the Creator Locator Map and your stockists, events etc.....

I hope to hear from you soon

Mathew Look


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