A trip around Pooles Cavern, Buxton, Derbyshire

Tuesday 25th Oct 2011


A day off today... well almost. I thought I would take the time to have another look at Pooles Cavern, Buxton.  I can certainly recommend the trip down...well along rather than down. The light display was interesting, the entire experience was fun especially for my two children and their friends. Our cave guide Ashley Cooper  was very well informed and a great story teller - holding the interest of the children and the adults on the tour. It was at least 25 years since I went into Pooles cavern, whilst the cave itself hasn't changed - more thana few mmm growth on the pointy bits -  the experience has been enhanced - Is it time for a return trip to Pooles Cavern for you ?

Difficult to get a good image even at iso 4000 hand held - I hope to get a photographic trip down to play with some lighting effects and close up work. The colour lighting really was dramatic.

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