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Monday 10th Oct 2011


Elizabeth Forrest, Lettering artist - agread to give an insight into her work and method.


"I make pieces of work using hand made paper. I basically set aside a morning or afternoon to make it, in my kitchen. I use basic equipment- plastic bowls, trays, buckets and a liquidizer to make the pulp. 

I recycle paper that has been through a computer printer (i.e that has print on one side) and rip this or shred it into postage stamp pieces which, when soaked in water and then liquidized, forms the paper pulp.

I mix handfuls of pulp into a tray of water and then dip in a piece of fine mesh (actually mesh cut from a roll used to repair car bodywork) to bring out a layer or ‘sheet’ of paper pulp.


I think the attraction of paper making is that no two pieces turn out the same and you cannot absolutely guarantee the results.

So I like to make a big batch of paper, in different sizes, and decide later which ones are most successful.

The paper I make is mostly quite thick and heavily textured (although I do also make thin fragments, depending on the idea I am working towards), so it can take a long time to dry out naturally, depending on the time of year.

I like the way it dries out sometimes in an undulating way, as if it has a life of its own, although this can be controlled with careful pressing.

I don’t add pigments to colour the paper during the paper-making stage but paint the prepared paper with acrylic and gouache paint after drying.


I normally have an idea of what I want to achieve with the piece worked out in rough drawings by this stage. And usually the text I’m going to use will have come to my notice first. Although not always.


Two pieces of work which I can use as examples are Time Passes’, a large wall hanging and ‘A woman’s guide to men, a piece using a found book cover and fragments of hand made paper.


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