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Monday 3rd Oct 2011

It was a pleasure to sit and take an Nespresso with Olinda Everett this morning at her home in the Parish of Ashover - a place which my satnav seamed reluctant to take me !

We had so much to talk about and only a morning to work with. Olinda is to my mind an 'inspired' creator - her creations are all created by hand from the emotions and memories and thoughts that Olinda has at that time. She takes inspriation from books, travel, life, her environment and whole manner of other influences - what is great is she is capable of articulating those emotions and describing the journey through which the item has travelled and how it came to be as it is.  Her range of ceramic works is broad, not large in size nor small for that matter. A theme is developed on a single form or through a series of forms each with stepped progression from the last, some are squeezed figures, others slabbed angular forms. her featured works will be 'boxes', images to follow soon.

Interestingly, Olinda does not make to sell or sell to make - when she has a collection which she is ready to part with, she may attend a sales event - almost as a means to clear the decks for the next series and yet she explained to me that the decapitated figure - the result of of errand guests elbow now shows some further development - its not that the peace has no value once finished, more that Olinda has moved past the care & nurturing process which gave rise to its creation.

As I left Olindas cottage, looking up to avoid the piano - alas no George Clooney moment, my mind was awash with new information, referances to books I should at least be familiar with and cultural referances from Africa to local.....Driving back - I took 10 minutes to help releave a Crab Apple Tree of some of its fruits - softened, sweetend a little in a  pan with some local sausage for tea tonight I think - seasonal dish - looking forward to the sweet chestnuts and mushroom season now.

Olinda Everett - Cermics - comming soon.


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