Hayfield Show & Art Felt

Friday 16th Sep 2011

 DSC7566  DSC7579

Its been a busy day, once the chores were finished along with family duties I took off with my Nikon D3 to see Linda Moss of Art Felt - based over the other side of the hill from my base. The plan was to capture some images of her felt hats, scarves and broche pins and to put a few fresh images on her pages ahead of the sale event at the Hayfield Sheep Dog Trials this weekend.

Linda has a lovely guest house based in the small hamlet of the Wash and her son and daughter in law Lena live in an attached barn conversion. Fortunately Lena was on hand to provide a modelling service which was great as I think hats are best viewed on a head !  The images will be uploaded over the weekend and if you are quick and travel to the Hayfield show you can buy a hat and matching scarf from Lindas collection before she sells out !

When Linda and I had finished the photography and our cup of tea -  I left the Wash to pick up some parts for my antique clock restoration project. This was the first time I was allowed to see the claeaned and assembled workings - the brasswork looked great and the new face was being assembled - I collected the pendulum bob to fit to the new rod I had made (the original alas had disapeared whilst being moved between countries) - I can't wait to see the clock workings ticking away next week. I hope to take a few images for a record of the project - whilst a small project for my part cleaning up the walnut cabinet -  I have enjoyed it a great deal.

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