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Tuesday 13th Sep 2011

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I have taken quite a few emails from the website this last couple of weeks. Creators seeking to promote their own work on an additional site and others looking for a first site to build an online presence.

As with all 'costs' for small businesses, the decissions are slept on, mulled over and then debated over and over again.

Amongst the many  choices available I have simplified things to the following and in each case the creator must decide what fits their business neads best  - for those of you reading this that know me - know that I am no salesman !

Free Registry type single page /artist site - there are many which cover many aspects of arts, crafts, handmade work, UK or international etc, If you put the time in on line you can get your product listed on quite a few for no fees - generally these are single page / image with facillity to add links to your website or contact details. In my view, get on as many of these as you can with a consistent profile linked back to your base website. It takes time to do, so take your time and find a couple of registry sites a week for a month.

Commission based sales sites - some are better than others - check out the layouts and service levels, take up referances from other clients of the site that offer similar products to you to get their view - ask as many questions as you dare -  how many days to list new products ?, how will your creations stand out ? & how will they be selected from those of others ? what are the total commission costs, postage & pakaging etc etc

Other Options - these can include the self run online shops like ebay & Facebook - once you get the hang of it it is farely easy to list, take orders and process etc -  it takes your time and generally a commission / insertion based fee - which of course means you can have as much on line as you like !....or not.

Peak District Creations was set up to provide an alternative as a fixed cost per year, on line sales if required through PayPal button functions. Creators get to decide how many creations they wish to promote / sell with single or multiple page subscription basis.  There are links to other websites, resources such as blogs, Facebook Twitter etc and these are being added as demand is identified.  The feedback received from both viewers and creators is that the site has a great professional look and feel to it.  The geographical focus on the Peak District is a possitive element and helps to promote not only the Peak District but the creative community within.

When I get a few minutes free I will start to try to add some links to the free online site registries & website creations options - as an aid to those viewers / would be creators that would prefer to 'do it their way'.

I am off to Bakewell Thursday to update myself on the Peak District Environmental Quality Mark and do a little networking.  Then for me its back to the workshop to continue with my latest commission.....which came via Peak District Creations as it happens !

Mathew Look

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