Adlington Village Fete

Saturday 3rd Sep 2011

Red Grouse in mist

I good friend of mine asked me if I would like to display and sell some of my products at his local village fete.  Having not attended (in order to sell) any summer fetes this season I jumped at the chance to get out of the workshop and away from the PC.

For those of you who do not know Adlington Village in Cheshire - it is part way between Stockport & Macclesfield. A stones throw from the hills of the Peak District and generally suffers much better weather than up in the Peaks !  The little chapel within which the village fete was held was set out with tables and stalls, the centre of the hall was dedicated to the 'produce' competition - with an array of fresh flowers, fruit & veg' neatly trimmed and bundled for the judges - it was like stepping back 35 years to my home village fete in south Leicestershire - no pet or small live stock competition though ! 

Well attended, the local honey, fresh cakes and eggs all sold well. I came away happy after making contact with some really nice people from the village and sold a few smaller items from my range, the Oak Fruit Bowl commission taken was welcome.

Interestingly, the photographic images on display from my two photography friends along with my compositions - created a good deal of interest - I always like to listen in on what people think and say about images. The panoramic scenes of Mull by Graham Coull were impressive and I came away thinking on the lessons there.

I hope that I get invited back next year, as an event it is low key, local and very focussed on a village community spread out like a series of hamlets. Over the next few days I will no doubt have a far better understanding of its history as I was 'sold' a paperback copy of 'Eadwulfs Farm ' A Short history of Adlington by Frank Bruckshaw - all 133 pages of it.  Now there was a sales lesson for me !

Apparently, 700 AD Adlington was settled by Saxons .......

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