Its finished and running

Wednesday 24th Aug 2011

Dying Craft Abstract 17 Cropped

After a long day  yesterday with a few frustrations along the way, the Solar PV systems are both up and running - a great thanks to the two installation guys that stuck at it all day - in what turned out to be "one of those jobs". A huge thanks to my long time friend Peter Millard who came up trumps with a special purpose drill bit for some last minute bracket mods' - from what I can see the fixings will probably still be around well after the roof has disapeared into dust !

Thankfuly we have had quite a bit of sun today and I have seen the combined systems generate in exces of 10KWh today.

Now I have to restock the tea bag jar, instant coffee and biscuit box..... small price to pay to keep the guys chirpy !  All that is left to do is process the paperwork and register for the Feed In Tarrif to ensure the investment starts generating some revenue.

Drop me a line with the contact form if you would further details.

Mathew Look

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