Progress on PV Update

Monday 22nd Aug 2011

Arctic Fox

The panels have now been in for almost a week. They have been repeatedly washed by our glorious summer weather and have had a few hours of direct cloud free sunlight - I keep getting asked....'so how are they performing'.....  it is still early days. My rough calculations say that they are returning  approx 8% revenue via the FIT - if you then add in the free power to use and not having to buy as much in then the return 'could' get as high as 10% - BUT I stress its early days and my calculations are rough - after all, July &  August are supposed to be the best months for PV generation. I am tracking it and will chart the KWh over time through the year to see how things perform.

I know its small change to some but so far they have generated 17.6 KWh @ 43.3pKWh = £ 7.62 and its not exactly been the best of weather  !

Based on the results so far,  the estimation used by my chosen installer doesn't seam far off the mark - which is reasurring.


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