Two Months Up & Running

Tuesday 16th Aug 2011

Shark Cake

Two Months Live Today

Peak District Creations has now been live on line for 8 weeks and growing steadily. We now have 15 creator subscribers promoting their products on the site, twice that of a month ago.

Here are the statistics from Google Analytics:-

1081 Visits of which 964 UK based.

604 Unique Visitors

6341 page visits

34% bounce rate

5.5 Minutes Avg time on site.

54% New Visitors

Visitors find the site via Search Engines (30%), Referring Sites (33%) or directly (37%).

Over 33% of site visits were between 1 and 10 minutes in duration.

Over half of all visits viewed  2 pages or more and over a quarter of the visitors to Peak District Creations viewed more than 8 pages.

Greatest number of visits goes to 'For Goodness Cake' at 192 page views – which when you consider Sue Bowker joined the site in the last 5 weeks – that is pretty good going. She is only just ahead of the field so it all may change next month, the shark cake image is very popular even in Iceland (not the freezer department !)


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