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Monday 15th Aug 2011

bull portrait second image

Lots of things kick off tomorrow.

The Solar PV Installation begins at Peak District Creations HQ - 16 Viessmann Solar Panels get fixed onto two roof elevations, wired up to twin inverters and then through the wonders of 'electricery'  supply power for either my use or supply back to the grid for which we receive a small 'feed in tarriff'. Lots of reasons to do this, lots of reasons not to.... for me, it makes sense financialy, environmentaly and I like 'technical gear' especially when I don't understand it , in truth I have made the investment to benefit my two kids without who , life would be so much less than it is.

In addition to the above, Peak District Creations is 2 full months old - that is it was officially launched on June 16th and 16th August marks the 8 weeks live period. Once power is back on tomorrow evening I will go through the Google Analytics to see how we as a site are doing for visitor numbers and hit rate etc - for a clue we were in sight of our two month target last week.....

The drawing is by Rebecca Benstead - currently 'heavy with child' she is running her Picture Framing & local Creations Supply Business in Chapel en le Frith, and when not out with Bruno the Boxer and following the instructions from her midwife - she is feet up and drawing a great image of a field mouse - I caught a glimpse of it last week - I hope to be able to show the image on this site ....

I hope to get out with my Nikon in the next few weeks to try to capture some morning sun over the High Peak ...... then all too soon term starts and the routine of school runs kick in.

Update soon

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