PAYPAL Added Feature

Wednesday 10th Aug 2011

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Finally, I spent some time looking into the basics of adding PayPaL payment option to creator products, so far so good.

The crux appears to be that you nead to create your own paypal account, then BUY buttons for each product, generate the code which I can then add into the page code for each product - it takes a bit of time, but for 'stock' or repeat items to be sold such as prints etc it is fairly straight forward. So it gets the thumbs up from me.

Fees from paypal - a £4 sale cost me £0.36 which includes the £0.20 transaction fee plus % of sales value fee from PayPal - not too excessive ITRO 3 - 6% charges.

So if you want to sell direct from the site - now you can.

Cheers for now

Mat Look

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