Spam, Spam Egg & Spam

Thursday 4th Aug 2011


OK, so now we have been well and truly spammed, the result - a few dozen spurious emails to the site admin'  and a few to the creators. Frustrating, tedious to troll through and delete - even now I suspect I have deleted a few legit contacts - if you have contacted / attempted to contact anyone through the site in the past 4 days please try again. The dudes at Hammer have now turned on the anti spam measures - so it should be resolved until its level of sophistication increases.

I am currently away from the office and working on a borrowed MacBook Pro..... which means I am searching for keys and losing windows left right and centre,  so as a result, I will not be uploading many news items of creators this week....

If you are interested, I followed this link from LinkedIn news feed to learn a little about how Google uses website site URLs to help with searches...(now I have to work out how to get back to the page and copy the URL link into this editor.... ).....

Link Here

And, if you like Monty Python.



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