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Monday 1st Aug 2011

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There are a number of 'webzines' (if that is the correct term) which recommend that if you create something to sell on, you should promote it and yourself with the best image you can. Make it personal - to your style.  I think it fair to say that most of us are not that great at promoting ourselves or products. The week link in our operation  can all too frequently be the product image we use because 'it'll do for now'  - or 'I don't do photos' - or the classic which I let slip out - I don't do product shots, I'm more of a landscape / wildlife photographer' (very ashamed of myself for that one !).  Like all things its another skill set you learn and practice to do well. Or you can pay for a set of product images from a studio. The prices vary depending on what you are after from less than a £10 - each for multiple product shots to several hundred pounds for a single image !  There are some great studios out there and some very skilled photographers that will come to you for a fee. Don't overlook your friends or family that have a camera - I have seen som egreat images on line from cheep cameras to top of line SLR's with keen enthusiasts at the back of them.

'August Special Offer'

If you have been following the website with a view to getting involved as a subscriber but can't get your product photograph to meet your standards or do it justice - the next bit is for you;  the first 3 creators who contact me in August to take out a subscription and can provide me with tea and a biscuit while I am on site, I will visit your workshop, studio or location within the Peak District and come and set up to take some product images to use on the site at no extra charge - in return you get your product images, subscription & pages set up and a DVD with high resolution images burnt on for you to use as you will .....any takers ?

If you have ideas for your images, this is a perfect opportunity to put them into action - alas - I can't stretch to tropical back drops, or models etc but am available at reasonable rates if that is your fancy !

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