Peak District Artisans @ the Devonshire Dome

Saturday 23rd Jul 2011

Just a quick note to confirm that once again the Peak District Artisans (formerly Peak District Products) event at the Devonshire Dome is full of the high quality work of its members. A great chance to talk with the artist, discover their inspirations and passions. Rob Wilson was there with a very busy stand. Certainly an artists to keep an eye on for investment purposes if you fancy an original.

I met and talked with quite a few of the artists and hope that a few will take a few minutes to look at our Peak District Creations site - there was quite some interest in the commission free sales aspect of its service.

After three hours of walking and looking around the Devonshire Dome  I took the chance to walk down to the Pavillion Gardens Buxton (only a few hundred yards) to take a look at the event being held there.  It always surprises me that events held at these locations mis the opportunity to cross pollinate witha transfer bus for the less firm on their feet (or less willing to walk up the hill - surely a missed opportunity fo revents organisers).  It was great to see Sue Bowker of 'For Goodness Cake' selling cup cakes as fast as she could load them into boxes - additionally Jane Malcom of Coconut Blush was well positioned with her handmade soaps - Jane hopes to join our number in the comming weeks as and when she finds a few hours free to pull the images and information together. My car now smells of her delightfull 'Man Soap' and I am not sure whether to wash with it or leave it in the car as an air freshener.

There was clearly a lot of talent at both events - whilst serving a different client market, these events could do more to work together to boost Buxton & business in the Peak District and surrounding area.

Pictures to follow.

Mat Look

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