1 Month Old Today

Friday 15th Jul 2011

Peak District Creation

A small and yet somehow important hurdle has been crossed.

Peak District Creations is 1 month old - it has added another creator to the starting list and there are 2 in the wings gathering their details as I type.

The website statistics read as follows:-

478 visits to the site, 3258 page views, an average of 6 minutes per visit (which is pretty good by website standards if my browsing is anything to go by.....). 

Now there are lots more stat's to look at as I delve into Google Analytics, I am advised that the following two are the key ones:-

297 unique visitors

28.03% bounce rate (visitors that leave the site from the first page...I think)

It is early days and whilst I navigate my way through the 'social networking and media sites' in search of useful information to help develop the site and increase its exposure I am very pleased with the way things are developing.

There is a new feature to be added shortly by the dudes at Hammer Design from the Peak District (almost on the BR line at Hathersage)- the' Creator Locator' should be up and running in the next couple of weeks I hear...watch this space.

Mat Look

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