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Monday 4th Jul 2011

WIthin 5 hrs of me recieving this email (below) the website hit rate has doubled ! Plenty of fresh client visitors, registered user increase and creator subscriber interest. All in all an encouraging sign of progress.

Thanks to the team at L&WR for putting out my news release and your ongoing support.

Mat Look


Peak District Creations Web Site Launched

Mathew Look, a L&WR client identified a problem that is so common amongst small arts & craft producers and came up with a solution. He is now able to offer the solution to you! Mathew found that the traffic to an individual website is quite small and costs in both time and money are high when promoting work through galleries, so he came up with the solution “I’m really proud of the new site and some L&WR businesses already show their work on the site”, says Mathew.


Peak District Creations has been seven months in the making; the website has just gone live and offers creators of all manner of products large and small the opportunity to benefit from a very low cost and commission free targeted internet website for sales and promotions. The benefits of joining this focussed membership based network in and around the Peak District is that it provides shared access to clients and business opportunities.  The site is well presented for creations from within the Peak District and surrounding area varying from the smallest item of jewellery to the largest creative light installations covering mountainsides. Fully integrated into social networks like twitter and facebook, a subscriber can easily add new products, news feeds or events to the site calendar and have this information distributed to all registered users. The 'Creator Locator' will be going live very soon which will enable subscribers to add google map pins to their workshop, gallery, sales event or other sites of interest linked to their creator pages; site visitors will then be able to locate creators at the click of a mouse, or email creators directly, which makes the site a great launching point for 'first contact' and ongoing client development.

Visit the site and have a good look around, you can register your interest:
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