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For over 20 years Paul Morgans has worked in the Advertising and Film industries making commercials and videos for some of the worlds largest brands including General Motors, Hewlett Packard, Coop, and Danni Minogue!  He has now moved to the Peak District and setup Peak Films.

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Paul Morgans
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'After decades of primarily working in TV I saw that over the last few years the advertising industry had changed with websites becoming a more and more essential tool for business, with the effect that the need for web content and videos has become more important than ever.  Your website is now seen as a TV channel or window to your world where viewer engagement is vital.

What I'm now providing is a web content service which produces videos that engage the viewer and explain what the company, product or business is about.  Our films are made with high production values at a much lower cost than was previously thought possible.  Today most of the large companies are telling us that they are friendly, caring and provide personal service, this struck me as being exactly what small companies and businesses are all about!'.

So whether you have a big budget or a not so big budget contact us at Peak Films and I'm sure that we can help you make a video that will raise your profile and increase your sales.

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