Olinda Everett

I make handbuilt high fired ceramic forms using various kinds of clay including terracotta and porcelain, as well as additions of other media. I try to explore visually events and incidents that impress and interest me, through form and surface treatment.

Creator Name
Olinda Everett
Ceramics, Sculpture

I use slips and oxides as well as sculpting and inlay techniques to develop those surfaces. The pieces are often fired several times and I may also add other media at the end of the process, continuing working on them until they appear to reach a satisfactory level of expression.

The objects I make reflect ideas and impressions of my life day to day. They are about relationships and healing.

I have been working on clay artists’ books and memory boxes. The books look forward and are mainly about thoughts, learning and searching for meaning, while the boxes tend to look backward and, both externally and internally, include embellishments that reference to past experiences and memories and seek to tell a story.

Both these strands develop side by side and share techniques, materials and subject matter, seen from different perspectives.

Although not meant for such use, the boxes may contain edible foodstuffs and liquids, as they are impervious and non-toxic.

I welcome enquiries for workshops and commissions.

Tel: 07971240565


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