Salad Bowl

Made from a section of timber destined for the firewood pile.  I shiver with the thought of all the good timber cut up for firewood. The tree was taken down as it was becoming unsafe and close to a dwelling, the owner had already had a near miss with a 10" diameter branch. 

Creator Name
Mathew Look

This bowl came from a section lower on the tree and was 28" in diameter 14 feet up the tree ! It was a big tree and would have demolished the farm house had it fallen down.

Coated with a several coats of a  food safe finish which dries clear and provides protection for use, the bowl is one of a number made from the section of timber. No two the same as I allow each bowl and timber to come together rather than engineer the bowls and make the timber fit !  The contrasting colours and compression figure in the sides of the bowl make these a great item to hold and turn over as you see new shapes  and colours on the surface.

The bowls are turned while the timber is fresh and allowed to air dry and distort out of round to add a little extra something not found on the high street in production run wooden bowls.

14" across by  8 " deep

Guide price £75.

Smaller bowls at 12" diameter by 5" deep guide price £45.

A further batch is now being made, these will be the last from this harvested tree. Please use the contact form if you would like to 'reserve a blank / bowl' The largest will be 16" diameter x 6" deep, the smallest approx 11"x 4".

The second image shows the last of the batch of Poplar wood as a large salad bowl, it was made for a lady that contacted me via this page whilst  she was working an dliving in Brussels - a pleasure to work with over the internet via email.


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