Hard Wood Salad Tongues & Spatulas

Developed because I have a dislike for all things plastic !

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Mathew Look
Furniture Making, Woodturning
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SK23 7ER

These products are created from the trim & off cuts from my workshop, I use my originals every day and after 3 years - they still work and look good.

They have proven popular amongst friends and clients and so they are added here.

Each is hand made and varies in timber type and shape - the function remains.

The Hard Wood 'Tongues' are useful in the kitchen on the stove and in the salad bowls I make. I have a client that has purchased multiples insisting they are the best thing for tending her strawberries and removing the dreaded slimy things that ravage her fruits !

The Spatulas or as i refer to them 'Pan Pokes' have a beveled edge for getting under things which have been ...shall we say 'well cooked' in the pan' being wood they are safe on Nonstick pans and off course with a little care these kitchen utensils can be washed in your dishwasher - all that is required after they dry is a light coating of your cooking oil to bring back the colour of the wood and keep them looking like new.

The main timber used are - Ash - Oak - Sycamore

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Pan Pokes & Tongues


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