I concentrate on faceplate turning and leave the spindle turning to those that enjoy that aspect.  My passion is producing ever larger bowls and floor / wall art from locally sourced timber. Most of my work is turned from green wood and exhibits the natural distortions in the timber as it seasons. Prices vary by product and timber and reflect the time taken and costs involved in making the piece, I do not try to compete with the high street mass produced items - I can't turn a 14" diameter ash bowl in 90 seconds no matter how fast the lathe spins!

Recently I have added a new range of small items for 'Gifts from the Peak District' - all aimed at providing inexpensive products which make a unique gift. These include, knitting needles, cookie cutters, egg plates and small rolling pins.

I choose the timber based on what is available, selecting where ever possible that which shows the best figure and is most suitable for the product to be made. Commissions are gladly accepted and the brief is agreed before costs are confirmed and prior to work starting.

I turn bowls and platters and occasionally sculptural forms - the latter is a new area for me and shall be interesting to watch progress ! 

There is nothing new in the process of turning, in fact it dates back to ancient times. I use a modern, all be it third hand, motor driven lathe which enables me to rotate a chunk of wood of up to 36" diameter at worrying speed so that I can prod at it with a sharp length of steel. I am self taught ... through books and more recently You Tube or DVD.

I always seek to get the best possible product from the timber available. Very little of the timber which reaches my workshop leaves in the waste bin, that which isn't product or stove fuel goes to provide bedding for pet rabbits, mulch for the herbaceous borders and strawberries or chicken bedding in exchange for a few fresh eggs.

I work with locally sourced hardwoods from gardens, hedgerows, estate grounds, wind blown trees or timber felled for safety due to disease etc. For woodturning,  For woodtruning, |I only ever from timber destined for the fire or too low a quality for furniture. I work on the premise that if it can't be made into furniture or  turned it can always be burnt. It upsets me to see good timber left to rot where it dropped or cut up for the firewood pile, an increasingly common site with the high energy costs of today.

If you have an interest in a turned item, or would like to discuss a commission please contact me and we can agree budgets and discuss you requirements.

I am happy to collect timber from a site in exchange for a  finished commission from the timber and am actively seeking new sources of timber to convert into furniture or turned work.

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