Wildlife Photography

To get away from the workshop and the smell of fresh cut timber and sawdust, I take my trusty Nikon out to capture images of wildlife, landscape and on occasions when the mood takes me abstracts.  I have a love hate relationship with the technicalities of digital photography from capture through to final print. When it all comes together it is very satisfying and more so when I see the expression of clients faces as they recognise a well loved scene to take home. In a world which is changing faster each year, I try to capture images before the opportunity to do so is gone.

Wildlife Photography   Out of bed generally before you got in, load the car with too much kit, drive to location and get kitted up with excessive layers of clothes to ensure comfort breaks are as difficult as possible. Find somewhere wet and cold to lay in wait for the subject (should it feel obliged) to turn up for a few seconds and be startled by the sound of the  shutter operating !