Hand Carved Oak Roof Finial

A commission to reproduce a roof finial from a local property. The original having 'past its best and dropped off' !

Oak Roof Finial
Creator Name
Mathew Look
Furniture Making, Wood Carving, Woodturning
Locator Postcode
SK23 7ER

Requests come in many shapes, for this commission I was handed a shoe box of old wooden bits and a photo of what it had once been.

"Can you make one for us please  and how much will it be ?"

The finished finial measures 30 " long and 8" across at its widest point.

What could I say, a chance to further develop the carving skills and use the slowly building box of sharp edges. I wish I had found and used some sweet chestnut - it being softer and easier to hand carve - it is in short supply in the High Peak where as I had some suitable Oak sections slowly drying in the store rescued from a firewood pile.

The upper portion was first rough turned on my VB36 lathe and then marked out for the hand carving.  the lower section was turned on my Union Graduate Centre Lathe and then again marked out by eye and hand carved.  The finished finial was then soaked in a suitable preserver and coated with plenty of Linseed Oil to give it some additional protection from the High Peak Weather.


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Oak Roof Finial