Landscape Sketches

Something new for me, after injuring my right hand and trying to keep busy, I found that I could draw without causing any further discomfort. I always loved the simple pen and ink drawings often found in guide books or older volumes when colour printing was for high end products. With this in mind I set about sketching in black ink over a white background a local landscape scene that I had photographed in early 2011 after snow fall.

The view is from Eccles Pike toward Cracken Edge above Chinley.

Creator Name
Mathew Look
Drawing, Furniture Making, Pen and Ink, Photography, Woodturning
Digital, Paper, Wood

The sketch is 400mm x 200mm and took about 4 hrs to complete. The two square images are sections to show the detail of the sketch which ibecomes lost when it is shrunk to view on line.

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