Landscape Photography

I am a great fan of black and white images, most of mine are taken as a series of exposures to create a HDR image which is then tone mapped. It is then converted to black and white in order to maximise the level of detail available to work from. On its day, in my opinion a good B&W is far better than a colour version -  other times you just want some colour !

On the plus side of landscape work, you can cough sneeze, spill your coffee and generally be as noisy as you like it does not make a difference to the image and generally I work a couple of hours either side of sun up or sun down - probably why most of my better images are winter scenes !

I am in love with the Peak District and have been for many years.  I have lived around the edges of the Peak District National Park for 20 years; as a child brought up in Leicestershire with frequent weekend day trips for a 'walk in the Peaks' with a roadside camping gas cooked sausage in a home made bread 'cob' for lunch the highlight of many a damp day  - I am begining to understand the affection my parents had for the landscape and wildlife and in many respects that of my grandparents.  After 35 years of visiting,  I feel that I  have yet to discover a fraction of the diverse landscape flora and fauna on offer.

As a rule I try to keep clear of the more popular areas and times of the day, rubbing shoulders with other photographers is not really my style and yet to see a lone tripod and figure on a distant vantage point framing up a well loved and photographed scene is always an image I am happy to capture as for me it now depicts a key aspect of the Peak District for me.

When I fancy a change, challenge or 'trip out' Snowdonia is my next landscape of choice for a short day trip - longer trips can get me to the Solway and further north and areas I am only now discovering with the company of my two fellow photographers Graham Coule & Malcolm Clayton.

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A2 and larger by instruction POA c £ 80 unmounted


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