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Look Creations began as an exercise in learning and developing new skills and improving on ones I had learnt through trial and error. Following a career within industry and seeing the writing on the wall I took a redundency package and looked at what I could do next. Realizing how full time work had taken over my life and family contact, I wanted to be my own boss and regain a sensible work life balance.

Learning how to make items to other peoples' requirements and budgets, be it furniture, turned hardwood or photographic images. From garden and driveway gates made and installed; to fitted Oak Monks Bench or Child's Book-shelving. Most clients expectations can be at least met if not exceeded.

Making items is one thing, selling is a completely different skill base. Having no experience in the sales and marketing arena  I looked to the internet to see what was available and identified a niche for providing a focussed online website for creators such as myself: Peak District Creations is the result.

Creator Name
Mathew Look
Furniture Making, Photography, Woodturning
Digital, Wood
Locator Postcode
sk23 7er

Other interests include product development see for example The Fan-c  Stove Top Fan like an 'ecofan' in principle but made from recycled computer bits and bobs and a couple of new components.  I am very keen to develop environmentally sound energy production suitable for the area within which I live - so tidal flow systems don't get a mention !  Having installed Solar Panels on my home and workshop, I was surprised how the extra focus on power use resulted in my cutting back on 'non essential' uses especially on the days the sun doesn't show - saving wasted energy consumption which we are all guilty of.   I have always wanted to install a small scale hydro-electric plant - by small I should clarify - less than 2kw - suitable to power a domestic house and still export some Kwh's. This remains a longer term project.

I like to learn and develop new skills - this partly explains why I have so many different areas of business and products - I hope you will enjoy looking through my pages, if you don't see something you like and are short on ideas on where to get it - drop me a line through the contact form and I will do my best to help you find a supply .

I look forward to hearing form you.


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