Linda Moss

My inspiration comes from the natural landscape, particularly the rocks, flora and fauna of the local upland landscape of the Peak District, and the shifting patterns of sand, sea and light around the West coast of Britain.  But having studied Byzantine art for many years, including a PhD, I am aware of its influence of strong shapes, colours and textures in my work.

stanhope moor 1c
Creator Name
Linda Moss
Drawing, Paintings, Pen and Ink
Mixed Media, Paper

I work from nature, often sketching quickly in difficult locations: rocky ledges, windy mountainsides or pitching in a small sailing boat. I try to capture the essence of the location and its weather, sometimes visiting places several times in differing conditions. This is why I may produce several renderings of the same location. These outdoor sketches lead to the finished painting, which I work on in my studio over several days, in less challenging conditions.

I trained originally at Leeds College of Art and recently have attended several workshops in different techniques, which has led to my focus now on mixed media.

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