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Traditional tiered cake :

Flavours : Vanilla with jam/buttercream, fruit cake with brandy and marzipan, or chocolate cake with chocolate cream filling. You can have all tiers the same flavour or mix and match between them.

Shape : Round or square?

Colours : Any colour can be catered. Traditional white, the use of accent colours from your wedding theme or a bolder use of colour.

How many tiers and what size ? : Tiers are available in 12”, 10”, 9”, 8” or 6”. We can choose which size of cake would be suitable for you based around the amount of people that you are catering for.

The prices in the table below are for a plain iced cake alone and the price will increase depending on the amount of extra work is needed to create a cake to your specific decoration requirements. A small charge will also be made for delivering and setting up the cake at your venue. This charge will be based on the distance needed to travel and how much time will be needed to set the cake up.


Vanilla or Chocolate :- 12" £60, 10" £50, 9" £40, 8" £35, 6" £25

Fruit :- 12" £85, 10" £65, 9" £55, 8" £45, 6" £30

Tier or Stack? : Do you want the cakes stacked directly on top of each other or with spaces between the tiers to allow for decoration?

You can view the pdf brochure here




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