Wedding Cup Cakes

Made fresh to order from your selection from the 18 options - or perhaps your very own flavours !

Wedding Cake/Cupcakes:

Another option is to go for wedding cupcakes. Some couples like just one flavour and all cupcakes to match, some like to chose more than one flavour and have each flavour decorated differently… this way every body gets a choice of what they would like. My most popular flavours are vanilla, chocolate, chocolate orange, fresh raspberry, carrot, coffee and walnut and lemon, but other flavours are available.

Above is a display of 150 cakes, 6 different flavours and all with different decoration. The central stand is a 7 tier white acrylic stand which can be provided for use on the day, it holds approx. 80 cakes so you have the option of just having one stand which can be topped up throughout the evening or some extra smaller stands can also be provided.

You can also do a similar sort of thing but have all cupcakes matching and in the same colour scheme as your day. These can be decorated as simple or as over the top as you want.

Stacked up on a multi tier stand can be really effective.

If you like the idea of cupcakes but then miss having a wedding cake, you can always combine the two ideas. You could have tiers of cupcakes topped off with a traditional ( or novelty) 6 inch cake :


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Wedding Cup Cake Stand