Ethical Kidz

Ethical Kidz was created to raise awareness of ethical & environmental issues & raise money for children’s charities. We fund this goal through the sale of ethical & sustainably made products for children, an increasing proportion of these are handmade locally. Many of our products encourage creativity, sustainable behaviour or are environmentally educational.

Creator Name
Tara Gold

About Ethical Kidz
Ethical Kidz is a family business based in Derbyshire. We decided to form a company that would start taking steps (however small they may seem just now) towards tackling some of the issues that affect the future & wellbeing of our family, friends & community. In particular, Our Children. We value these special people & places & want to be involved in activities that help to protect them.   
This is what we came up with & what has formed the foundations of our business...

  1. We want to encourage our children to be creative, healthy & active, environmentally friendly & interested in learning about the world around them.
  2. We want to help children understand how the environment works & why we need to look after it.
  3. We want "Looking After the Environment" to become second nature to our children.
  4. We want to encourage our children to treasure their belongings & pass them on to others when they have grown out of them.
  5. We want to encourage our children to be considerate & respect other people & places.
  6. We want to help others by promoting giving & raising money for children's charities.
  7. We want to support creativity within local communities by promoting, making & selling handmade products.
  8. We want to support our local community by taking part-in community & family activities.
  9. Our emphasis is on having fun & enjoying the world we live in.

Because we are a family business with traditional values, we understand your needs & respond to them in an efficient, personal & genuine manner. We guarantee you will find Ethical Kidz will an enjoyable experience.

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