Time Passes - Wall Hanging

 “ Time Passes. Listen. Time Passes”. These are words from ‘Under Milk Wood’ by Dylan Thomas.
27cm x 100cm (50ins x 40ins)
Creator Name
Elizabeth Forrest
Calligraphy, Drawing, Paintings, Pen and Ink, Textiles
Canvas, Mixed Media, Paper

27cm x 100cm (50ins x 40ins)


Time Passes. Listen. Time Passes”.

I had been experimenting with making paper pulp and string fragments and had already made a piece using three of these fragments. I stretched lengths of natural cotton twine, first horizontally and then vertically across a small wooden picture frame (15cm x 15cm, 6ins x 6ins), and secured it with double knots at the sides, thus making a string mesh. After dipping this into the bowl of paper pulp, the whole thing was allowed to dry naturally. When dry, I cut the string mesh encrusted with paper pulp from the frame, obtaining a fragment where string and knots had become part of the paper’s texture, complete with interesting holes and cavities formed at random when the pulp drained away.   I wanted to make a much bigger piece of work so made 35 of these separate fragments, each roughly five inches square and sewed them together with string, making up seven vertical rows by five horizontal rows.  I painted the text onto fragments of handmade paper. The whole piece hangs from a length of copper pipe.


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