Elizabeth Forrest Lettering Artist

Elizabeth Forrest is a Welsh-born lettering artist and papermaker, now living in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Her work is a unique, highly personal response to text from varied sources that inspire her and is based on a love of words, combined with a passion for colour, texture and pattern.

Creator Name
Elizabeth Forrest
Calligraphy, Drawing, Paintings, Pen and Ink
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She has explored lettering and the three-dimensional, using paper pulp, hand made paper fragments, found objects, plastic mesh and wire to create textured effects. She has also made pieces combining lettering and gouache illustration and has explored stitched lettering on fabric.

Sometimes words and quotations suggest their own visual imagery, while at other times textures and colours influence her choice of words. She finds inpsiration in industrial landscapes and nature and in the concepts of time and decay. She is drawn to words and quotations which hint at the transience and vulnerability of life.

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