Encaustic Tiles

From the 2012 Collection

I have been working with encaustic for over four years and the more I explore this medium the more I fall in love with it.  My latest work in encaustic is made up by 12 tiles each measures 15 x 15 cm

Creator Name
Dana Venetiarose
Ceramics, Paintings
Canvas, Ceramic, Paper
www.art-2-heart.co.uk danavenetiarose.artweb.com
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de6 1qt

The tile base is  white MDF over which I have applied many layers of a clear medium (beeswax and dammar resin)  I then  ether draw the composition or make separate shapes in wax with the help of pastry cutters such as the butterflies.  In the next stage I then continue to add found objects with pigmented wax to add colour.

It is time-consuming work and yet very pleasurable. Whilst larger work is possible, the smaller format of the tiles are more affordable and lend themselves to telling a story in a series or making a collection with ongoing various themes.

Each tile is priced between £25 and £35 pounds depending on the work required;  please feel free to ask for more details or specifics and use the contact form below.

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