Dana Venetiarose

 I came to love art at a very young age, during my eventful life journey I always came back to art.

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Dana Venetiarose
Paintings, Pen and Ink
Canvas, Mixed Media, Paper
www.art-2-heart.co.uk danavenetiarose.artweb.com
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de6 1qt

Art for me is a personal tool that helps me to express all my emotions all my spontaneity and all the highs and lows of the human existence.  For the majority, my work is quite eclectic, I feel like a butterfly that goes from flower to flower until it finds the right taste, however,  I also do like to paint in a series of themes and I always have something on the easel to be given life to, while on other easels I complete commissions.  Oils and encaustics are my two most favourite mediums and their luminosity, fluidity and versatility is second to none.  Never the less I do enjoy acrylics, collage and collagraphs and I tend to incorporate more then one medium in lots of my work.  The work displayed on this web is chosen at random to give a flavour of what I do, I'm always working on something different and my current project is inspired by the stunning surroundings of the Peak District where I live,. Every scene feeds my mind and nurtures my passion for painting. I feel extremely lucky to be suurounded by so much beauty.  Viewers of these pages are very welcome to enquire if they would like something painted specifically for them I'll be happy to discuss any requirement.

Dana won the Melbourne Art  Festival award for best entry 2011 out of over 100 artists and 500 entries,  the winning painting sold later that afternoon. Which goes to show that such Art Festivals are well worth entering !

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