Lesley Jackson Solo Exhibition

Monday 2nd Jul 2012 - Tuesday 31st Jul 2012

Kite Pavilion Japanese Garden Wooded Glade a4 72dpi 570 570 Hill4

Lesley Jackson

Exhibiting at Castleton Visitor Centre from today 2nd July to 31st July.

Pop along and take time to look around this exhibition of Chapel en le Frith based Creative Talent.

Exhibition at Castleton Visitor Centre "Begininings"

The artwork is based around the Peak District and the Stately home gardens of Chatsworth as well as seaside and wildlife experiences, images include many of those listed on this website and other new creations.

Images vary in size and are framed in a light oak wood frame with neutral mount

Inspiration for my work comes from the surrounding countryside as can be seen in such artwork as Mountain Valley with sharp cut edges reflecting rock formations and
the greens and reds emphasising the fields and stones walls of the Peak District, Cool Mountains is inspired from snow capped mountains the way they glint in the
moonlight, Mountain Ridge is showing the softness and hardness of the hills around us and Rolling Mountains mixes the soft rolling hilly landscape with contour lines on
maps (stitch and collage are added to the background of screen printed paper depicting mixed weather skies all to familiar to the Peak District) . 

I enjoy flowers, there shapes and colours which I reflect in my artwork using pen line and watercolour( artwork on website) to pick out the shape and contours of
individual flowers. Holidays and visits to new places are soaked up and are created into new ideas, these experiences and ideas then become artwork as seen in the
Lighthouse from a visit to the coast and visits to Chatsworth and Stately homes have influenced Pavilion Kite, Japanese Garden and Japanese Blossom, sometimes
ideas are just taken from wildlife and everyday things around me.