What we do

Peak District Creations is an online website facility for all things made within the Peak District. The main purpose is to provide the opportunity for creators to display their products to existing and potential clients.

The members of Peak District Creations are independent creators who aim to collectively gain advantage through numbers and increase their exposure across both the Peak District and further afield amongst other creators, clients & visitors. They share a common element of geographical location and meet the qualifying criteria.

As a facility, the website will be updated frequently with news items, events, workshop open days...in fact anything worthy of letting everyone know about. If you have a relevant event you would like to advertise - let us know and we will display it in the news section.  Many creators are based in workshops free from the distraction of other people, this website should provide an insight into the goings on in many a studio or workshop !

Ultimately the site will reflect the demands of the subscribers without whom the site could not be financed. Whilst on-line sales are an important facility of the site and help set it apart from other websites,  it has a niche market of clients who appreciate well made quality bespoke items, as such the quality of client visits is seen as the key rather than the number of visitors. The site will provide potential clients with an idea of possibilities and budget costs for 'similar' creations, it is then down to the potential clients to contact creators and agree a contract for a product or service."