Qualifying to be a member

To qualify to be a member all you have to do is meet the criteria outlined below;/contact-pdc/

Qualifying to be a Member

  1. The creator or organisation must be based within the Peak District Area or surroundings - this can include the place of work, studio, workshop or primary gallery (see note below)
  2. Add value to a material rather than simply buy in, re-package and sell on
  3. The creations must exhibit some level of skill and ability on the part of the creator in their making.

Each case will be concidered on its merits at application.


The geographical area refered to as the Peak District National Park is not the defined limits to Peak District Creations members - Creators may live & work in the Peak Park, or may visit frequently. Many creators which are based far and wide draw inspiration from the Peak District Area and produce creations which reflect that which is special about the Peak District. There must be a clear ascociation between the creation and the Peak District - this is not always easily defined and is why each case is concidered on its own merits. If you would like to join the creators on the site, please use the contact form.

We look forward to hearing from you.