You will find below the  subscriptions to be a member of Peak District Creations.  If you need any further information please contact us.

Annual Subscription

For  an introductory  period the following subscriptions apply, all initial members will retain the special introductory rate for the second years subscription, i.e. fixed for 2 years.

Introductory Fees:-

The minimum level of subscription is based on  providing a Creators Page - which in turn can provide:- contact details, web site links along with the Creators choice of wording and images of creations.

Individuals £50 per year
Groups £100 per year

The second level of subscription is based on providing an entry level for online sales, in addition to the creators page, upto 5 pages with a maximum of 10 individual listings (2 per page)  that can be made at any one time - with access to the events calendar and other features to assist in promoting the creator.

Individuals £100 per year
Groups £ 150 per year

The top level of subscription provides unlimited listings, access to all the site facilities, as well as the creators page.

Individuals £150 per year
Groups £ (please contact to confirm details.)

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